The BTP Census Project

by Viv Head

Once again the Force is embracing a major change in its structure – from seven, already large Areas, to four enormous Divisions. Whether you think this decision is based on a money saving exercise or an attempt to improve efficiency is largely irrelevant in the context of the effect it has on the staff and the way the force is administered. It is a major step in the history of the force and recognising that history does not have to be old to be worth recording. BTPHG has embarked upon a major project to make a record of the force in its seven Area form. We are taking a census of the force. Much useful information can be gleaned from the latest Annual Report but there is so much more that can be done.

We would like to record details such as:

  • The location of departments and staff establishments.
  • Photographs and details of police stations from Aberdeen to Penzance.
  • Photos and placements of police vehicles.
  • Details of police dogs and their handlers and functions.

If you live near an existing BTP police post would you think about taking pictures of the outside and of any police vehicles there?

Please send photos of medium or high resolution to .

Cambridge BTP


This is a photo of the recently closed BTP police station at Cambridge that we were fortunate to secure. The building is about to be demolished if indeed it has not already been erased*. It would a shame if we did not do something to preserve such images as this. Think about all the thousands of men and women that passed through Tadworth over a period of more than fifty years, yet we are still trying to secure decent photos of the buildings and grounds.
Can you do your bit to help?

Project Managers: John Owen & Ed Thompson

Updates will be published on the BTP Census project profile page.

Go to the BTPHG Projects page for details of other projects.


*CORRECTION: Thanks to a Comment from Paul Gray, we are pleased to report that Cambridge BTP office building is still open and operational. Unfortunately this is only a temporary situation as it is due for demolition within the next six months. The Officers will, however, be moved to new accommodation and BTP’s presence at Cambridge will remain.

Update June 2014
We can now confirm that the old Cambridge office building was finally closed this Friday (27/6/14). Officers, staff and blue light have been re-located nearby.

2 comments to The BTP Census Project

  • Paul Gray

    A wonderful picture of BTP Cambridge. The current building is still staffed by 1 Sgt and 6 PC’s and 6 PCSO’s covering area from Kings Lynn in Norfolk to Letchworth in Hertfordshire. This building is due to be demolished and replaced by an IBIS hotel in the next 6 months as part of the redevelopment of the station area. BTP Cambridge will continue in accommodation nearby continuing the proud continuation of a BTP Post in existence at Cambridge since 1902.

  • Martin McKay

    Thanks Paul, I’ll attach a note to that effect.