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British Transport Police

Photographs depicting the modern Force

(1963 - to the present day)


BTC Police

A selection of photographs featuring the British Transport Commission Police.
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Early Pictures

Depictions of the Railway Police

Constituent Forces

A series photographs recording the various police forces that were the forebears of the BTC.

Now separated into the sub-albums:


Policewomen in Pictures

A selection of photographs of BTP Policewomen from the archives.


Some artistic impressions from over the years.


Some examples of vehicles used over the years.

The Tadworth Collection

Photographs of the BTP Training Centre are now divided into four sub-albums:

Sports & Social

In the days before the long commute and various technological distractions people seemed to find time for other pursuits.

Police Dogs

Early in 1908 the first Police Dogs to be used in the United Kingdom went on patrol at Hull Docks (North Eastern Railway Police). The BTP continues to be at the forefront of Police Dog use.

Census Project

Work in progress! Description to follow.
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