Police Service Records

We ask retired Officers to complete a Police Service Record (PSR1) detailing their history with the Force. This will form part of an invaluable record of the BTP’s history which will otherwise be lost.

In the absence of any Force publication recording an officer’s service and the unavailability of Personal Files once an officer retires, this record is the ONLY means of recording your service. The forms are fairly comprehensive but it may be the only opportunity you have. Your family, future generations and future historians will be very grateful.

Every retired BTP officer is asked to complete a form.

These are intended to be historical documents and will not be made publicly available during the lifetime of the subject.

In addition, we are keen to record the service history of officers who are no longer with us. Form PSR 2 is provided for BTP History Group members (or anyone else) to complete in respect of another officer from any period. Its aim is to build a cohesive format of service records across the generations.

There are three forms, plus explanatory notes, which can be downloaded from this page. It is essential to read the notes before you attempt completion.

These forms are in Microsoft Word (.docx) format.  Save them to your computer before you start to complete them.

If you do not have a Microsoft Word compatible word processor program the forms are also available in Rich Text format (.rtf), which means they can be completed in any word processor program.
Please use our Contact form to request Rich Text format forms and they will be sent to you by email.


UPDATE: February 2019
Please note that these forms have been updated to comply with GDPR and also the postal address in the guidance notes has been changed. If you have older versions of the PSR forms on your computer, please delete them and replace with these latest versions. It is always worth checking back here to make sure you are up to date.


Click on each form to begin the download process:


Form PSR1

This is the form for retired officers to self-complete.


Form PSR2 

This is a form for BTP History Group members (or anyone else) to complete in respect of another officer from any period.


Form PSR3

This is a form to complete if you have any updates for previously submitted PSR1 or PSR2 forms.



Explanatory notes.


Once completed please email the forms to service_records@btphg.org.uk


If you are unable to email the forms the Notes give an alternative postal address.