Constitutent Forces Index

The Constituent Forces Project was undertaken to compile a complete historical list of all the police forces which eventually amalgamated into what we now know as the British Transport Police. During the course of this research, however, a number of other similar RDC police forces were discovered, which although they cannot be tied directly to the BTP’s family tree, are considered worthy of inclusion – lest they be forgotten. Where no link has been found this is noted in the table.

This Constituent Forces Index has been compiled by Ed Thompson over a period of two years. Great care has been taken to ensure its accuracy and each entry has been traced to a source.  However it has not been possible to confirm a small number of the sources.  The list is not definitive, therefore Ed would welcome your comments on any errors or additions you may have. He can be contacted at the email address shown on the Projects page.

There were several “Joint Stations”, such as Bristol Temple Meads, Bradford Exchange and Birmingham New Street, where more than one company operated. Very often the police have been referred to as Joint Railway Police at these locations. However it has not been established if they were a special force set up for a particular station or if they retained their separate company status.

As at 2019, there are two-hundred and forty-eight forces shown.


InitialsCompanyDate Company Commenced OperatingEarliest known Date of Existence of A Police ForceDate Company Disbanded or AmalgamatedAmalgamations / Closures / NotesPolice Status
ACPAberdare Canal Police00.00.181200.00.184600.00.1900ClosedConfirmed
ABRPAberdare Railway Police00.00.184506.03.187500.00.1902Absorbed by the Taff Valley RailwayConfirmed
A&SMRPAberdeen and Scottish Midland Junction Railway Police00.00.185600.00.185600.00.1857Renamed the Scottish North Eastern RailwayConfirmed
ARPAberdeen Railway Police01.02.184823.08.184729.07.1856Merged with the Scottish Midland Junction Railway to Form the Scottish North East RailwayConfirmed
A&CNPAire and Calder Navigation Police00.00.182600.00.184001.01.1948Amalgamated into the British Transport Commission PoliceConfirmed
AD&RPAlexandra Docks and Railway Police (Newport)00.00.187530.01.187331.12.1922North Dock & Lock Opend 00.00.1875. In 1882 Alexandra Docks was renamed Alexandra Docks & Railway. Absorbed into the Great Western RailwayConfirmed
BP&SRPBanff, Portsoy and Strathisla Railway Police30.07.185900.00.185812.08.1867Absorbed by the Great North of Scotland RailwayPossible
BYDRP Barry Dock and Railway Police
05.07.188910.07.188905.08.1891Changed the name to Barry RailwayConfirmed
BRPBarry Railway Police05.08.189100.00.189101.01.1923Absorbed into the Great Western RailwayConfirmed
BS&HRPBerks and Hants Railway (Operated & Policed by the GWR)11.11.186218.04.186301.01.1948Owned and Operated by the Great Western RailwayConfirmed
BERPBerwickshire Railway Police16.11.186328.07.186401.08.1876Amagamated with the North British RailwayConfirmed
BJRPBirkenhead Joint Railway Police01.01.186005.06.188801.01.1948Formerly the Birkenhead Railway then taken over by the Great Western & London & North Western Railways until Nationalisation.Confirmed
BL&CJRPBirkenhead Lancashire and Cheshire Junction Railway Police00.00.184810.08.185501.01.1960In 1859 shortend it's name to the Birkenhead Railway then taken over by the LNWR in 1960.Confirmed
BIRKRPBirkenhead Railway Police01.08.185920.02.184901.01.1860Taken over and run as a joint railway by the LNWR & GWR in 1860. Nationalised in 1948.Confirmed
BBRPBirmingham and Bristol Railway Police00.00.184506.08.184600.00.1846Absorbed into the Midland RailwayConfirmed
B&DRPBirmingham and Derby Junction Railway Police12.08.183900.00.184410.05.1844Merged into the Midland RailwayConfirmed
B&GRPBirmingham and Gloucester Railway Police24.06.184012.08.184014.01.1845Merged into the Birmingham & Bristol RailwayConfirmed
B&OJRPBirmingham and Oxford Junction Railway Police00.00.185000.00.185231.08.1848Absorbed into the Great Western Railway. See note [2]Possible
BCNPBirmingham Canal Navigation Police00.00.176830.07.188500.00.1948Taken over by the Docks & Inland Waterways ExecutiveConfirmed
BW&SVRPBirmingham Wolverhampton and Stour Valley Railway Police01.02.185203.12.185100.00.1867Taken over by the London & North Western RailwayConfirmed
BAWRPBishop Auckland and Weardale Railway (Leased to the Stockton & Darlington Railway)08.11.184311.07.184600.00.1847Policed by the Stockton & Darlington Railway Police. Later merged into the Wear Valley Railway.Confirmed
BD&BRPBlackburn Darwin and Bolton Railway Police00.00.184814.07.184700.00.1858Amalgamated with the East Lancashire RailwayConfirmed
BS&PMRPBlyth Seghill & Percy Main Railway Police03.03.184702.04.185200.00.1853Changed name to the Blyth & Tyne RailwayConfirmed
B&HRPBothwell and Hamilton Railway Police01.11.187720.06.187602.08.1878Absorbed by the North British RailwayConfirmed
BJRPBrandling Junction Railway18.06.183900.00.183901.09.1844Absorbed into the Newcastle & Darlington Junction RailwayConfirmed
B&MRP Brecon & Merthyr Railway Police 01.05.1863Unknown01.07.1922Absorbed into the Great Western RailwayConfirmed
NBTPBridgewater Canal Police00.00.176100.07.188800.00.1885Sold to the Manchester Ship Canal CompanyConfirmed. No link to BTP.
BLHRPBrighton Lewes and Hastings Railway Police08.06.184608.11.184527.07.1846Merged into the London Brighton & South Coast RailwayConfrimed
B&ERPBristol and Exeter Railway Police14.06.184104.05.184401.08.1876Amalgamated with the Great Western RailwayConfirmed
BHRPBristol Harbour Railway Police00.00.187205.06.187900.00.1978Originally a joint venture between the Great Western & the Bristol & Exeter Railways.Confirmed
BTCPBritish Transport Commission Police01.01.194901.01.194901.01.1963Changed name to the British Transport Police.Confirmed
BUCKSRPBuckinghamshire Railway Policec1840s14.08.184721.07.1879London & North Western RailwayConfirmed
MRPBurton and ashby Light Railway02.07.190620.06.190719.02.1927A Tramway owned and Policed by the Midland Railway Company. Closed in 1927.Confirmed
BDPBute Docks Police00.00.183900.10.185801.01.1922Absorbed into the GWR Police in 1923. See note [1]Confirmed
C&HNPCalder and Hebble Navigation Police00.00.177015.05.184701.01.1948NationalisedConfirmed
C&DRPCaledonian and Dunbartonshire Railway Police15.07.1850.00.00.185100.00.1862Amalgamated with the Edinburgh & Glasgow Railway.Possible
CRPCaledonian Railway Police31.07.184508.05.184601.01.1923Absorbed into the London Midland and Scottish Railway.Confirmed
C&ORPCallender and Oban Railway Police01.06.187008.11.187901.01.1923Absorbed into the London Midland and Scottish Railway.Confirmed
CMBRPCambrian Railways Police00.00.186400.00.186701.01.1923Absorbed into the Great Western RailwayConfirmed
C&WRPCanterbury and Whitstable Railway Police03.05.1830Unknown00.09.1844Absorbed into the South Eastern RailwayConfirmed
Cardiff Railway PoliceSee note [1]
C&SBRPCarlisle and Silloth Bay Railway & Dock Police00.05.185430.10.185830.06.1859Absorbed by the North British RailwayProbable
CARPCarnarvonshire Railway Police29.07.186217.10.186804.07.1870The line later became part of the LNWR.Probable
CLRPCentral London Railway Police (Underground)00.00.190011.10.190001.07.1933Taken over by the Underground Electric Railways Company of London in 1913 which in turn was taken over by the London Transport Passenger Board in 1933.Confirmed
CXRPCharing Cross Railway Police00.00.188526.10.1865UnknownAbsorbed into the South Eastern RailwayConfirmed
CGWURPCheltenham and Great Western Union Railway Police00.00.184021.10.184101.07.1843Absorbed into the Great Western RailwayConfirmed
CLCRPCheshire Lines Committee Railway Police00.00.186200.00.188401.01.1948Nationalised into British RailwaysConfirmed
CBRPChester and Birkenhead Railway Police23.09.183810.12.184222.07.1847Merged into the Birkenhead RailwayConfirmed
C&HRPChester and Holyhead Railway Police04.11.184603.08.184801.01.1859Absorbed into the London & North Western RailwayConfirmed
CNLRPCornwall Railway Police04.05.185207.09.186001.07.1889Amalgamated with the Great Western RailwayConfirmed
CMRPCornwall Minerals Railway Police01.06.187417.06.187401.07.1896Absorbed into the Great Western RailwayConfirmed
CCNPCoventry Canal Navigation Police00.00.176925.01.192201.01.1948Nationalised into the British Transport Commission.Confirmed
CJRPCrieff Junction Railway Police13.03.1856Unknown29.06.1865Absorbed Scottish Central RailwayProbable
DSRPDeeside Railway Police07.09.185300.00.185401.10.1875Taken over by the the Great North of Scotland RailwayPossible
DRPDistrict Line Railway Police (formerly known as the Metropolitan District Line Railway).00.00.186822.07.187401.07.1933Taken over by the London Transport Passenger Board.Confirmed
D&ARPDundee and Arbroath Railway Police06.10.1848.00.00.184731.01.1862Taken over by the Scottish North Eastern RailwayConfirmed
D&NRPDundee and Newtyle Railway Police16.12.183100.00.184700.00.1863Taken over by the Scottish Central RailwayConfirmed
D&PRPDundee and Perth Railway Police22.05.184700.00.184631.07.1863Changed it's name to Dundee, Perth and Aberdeen Junction Railway In 1848. Taken over by the Scottish Central Railway.Confirmed
EARPEast Anglian Railway Police00.00.184728.10.184800.00.1862Taken over by the Great Eastern RailwayConfirmed
EKRPEast Kent Railway Police00.00.185829.07.185601.08.1859Changed name to the London Chatham & Dover RailwayConfirmed
ELANCSPEast Lancashire Railway Police00.00.184419.06.185000.00.1859Merged into the Lancashire & Yorksire RailwayConfirmed
ELINCSPEast Lincolnshire Railway. Operated by the Great Northern Railway.01.03.184827.08.184701.01.1923Absorbed into the London and North Eastern RailwayConfirmed
ECRPEastern Counties Railway Police20.06.183924.11.183800.00.1862Merged into the Great Eastern RailwayConfirmed
EU&JRPEastern Union and Hadleigh Junction Railway Police20.08.184717.09.184700.00.1862Merged into the Great Eastern RailwayConfirmed
EURPEastern Union Railway Police15.06.184621.12.184600.00.1862Merged into the Great Eastern RailwayConfirmed
EDRPEdinburgh and Dalkeith Railway Police00.07.183204.10.183200.10.1845North British RailwayConfirmed
E&GRPEdinburgh and Glasgow Railway Police28.07.186300.00.184701.08.1865Absorbed by the North British RailwayConfirmed
EHRPEdinburgh and Harwick Railway (known as the Waverly Line)00.00.184523.07.184901.01.1923Line was built by the North British Railway, absorbed into the London North Eastern Railway.Confirmed
E&NRPEdinburgh and Northern Railway Police (often referred to by it's later name of the Edinburgh, Perth & Dundee Railway.)17.09.184708.04.184729.07.1862Merged with the North British RailwayConfirmed
EP&DRPEdinburgh, Perth and Dundee Railway Police00.00.184720.01.185100.00.1857Absorbed by the North British RailwayConfirmed
EL&NRPEdinburgh, Leith and Newhaven Railway Police. Name changed to the Edinburgh, Leith & Granton Railway on 19.07.184431.08.184200.00.184727.07.1847Absorbed by the Edinburgh & North RailwayConfirmed
NBTPFelixstowe Dock and Rail Company Police, originally named the Felixstowe Rail & Port Co.00.00.187500.00.1975N.AIn 1877 the railway line was transferred to the Great Eastern Railway. The Port has it's own Police Section established in 1975.Not Confirmed BTP Constituent
NBTPFestiniog Railway00.00.183600.00.188424.06.1954The company was purchased by a group of volunteers who restored the line.Not BTP Remained Private
F&KRFife and Kinross Railway06.06.185700.00.185700.00.1862Taken over by the Edinburgh, Perth & Dundee RailwayPossible
F&CCPForth and Clyde Canal Police00.00.179023.02.188500.00.1962In 1885 the Caledonian Railway took over the canal. Absorbed into the British Waterways BoardConfirmed
F&CJRPForth and Clyde Junction Railway Police26.05.185600.00.185601.10.1934Operated by the North British RailwayPossible
FRPFurness Railway Police00.00.184416.02.187800.00.1922Absorbed into the London Midland & Scottish RailwayConfirmed
G&GRPGlasgow and Garnkirk Railway Police27.09.1831Unknown00.00.1841Glasgow Paisley & Coatbridge RailwayConfirmed
GT&GHRPGeneral Terminus and Glasgow Harbour Railway Police00.12.184800.00.184924.07.1854Caledonian Railway. Final amalgamation 29.06.1865.Possible
GCPGlamorgan Canal Police00.00.179400.00.185900.00.1882Sold to the Bute Dock CompanyConfirmed
G&PJRPGlasgow and Paisley Joint Railway Police00.09.184026.08.184431.12.1922Became part of the London Midland & Scottish RailwayConfirmed
G&SWRPGlasgow and South Western Railway Police28.10.185020.03.186501.01.1923Absorbed into the London Midland and Scottish RailwayConfirmed
GD&CRPGlasgow Dumfries and Calisle Railway Police13.08.184615.09.184728.10.1850Merged into the Glasgow and South Western RailwayConfirmed
GB&NRPGlasgow, Barrhead and Neilston Direct Railway Police29.09.184807.09.184900.00.1851Absorbed by the Caledonian RailwayConfirmed
GP&GRPGlasgow, Paisley and Greenock Railway Police31.03.184107.05.184200.00.1847Merged with the Caledonian RailwayConfirmed
GPK&ARPGlasgow, Paisley, Kilmarnock and Ayr Railway Police05.08.183916.04.184028.10.1850Absorbed In the Glasgow & South Western RailwayConfirmed
GDPGloucester Dock Police00.00.182726.02.183625.11.1874Absorbed into the Sharpness Dock PoliceConfirmed
GJRPGrand Junction Railway Police04.07.183708.07.183716.07.1846Merged into the London & North Western RailwayConfirmed
GSCPGrand Surrey Canal Police1807-182601.02.18361940s-1970sClosed in stages.Confirmed. No Link to BTP
GUCPGrand Union Canal Police01.01.192909.08.193801.01.1948Nationalised into the British Transport CommissionConfirmed
GCRPGreat Central Railway Police01.08.189701.08.189701.01.1923Absorbed into the London and North Eastern RailwayConfirmed
GERPGreat Eastern Railway Police07.08.186207.08.186201.01.1923Absorbed into the London and North Eastern RailwayConfirmed
GGSJRPGreat Grimsby and Sheffield Junction Railway Police00.00.184514.08.184606.01.1847Merged into the Manchester, Sheffield & Lincolnshire Railway Confirmed
GNERPGreat North of England Railway Police00.00.184100.00.184000.00.1850Absorbed by the North Eastern RailwayConfirmed
GNSRPGreat North of Scotland Railway Police00.00.184620.11.184801.01.1923Absorbed into the London and North Eastern RailwayConfirmed
GN&L&YRPGreat Northern and Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway Police00.00.1887UnknownUnknownUnknownConfirmed
GNRPGreat Northern Railway Police01.03.184824.11.186201.01.1923Absorbed into the London and North Eastern RailwayConfirmed
GWRPGreat Western Railway Police30.03.184031.05.183501.01.1948Nationalised into British Railways. Also provided policing at Cardiff Docks, Newport Docks, Fishguard, Plymouth and Swansea Docks.Confirmed.
GWBRPGreenock and Wemyss Bay Railway Police15.05.186507.06.187801.08.1893Absorbed into the Caledonian RailwayConfirmed
HJRPHampstead Junction Railway00.00.186010.10.186101.02.1909Initially managed by the North London Railway with support of the London and North Western Railway. The LNWR took over both railways in 1909.Confirmed
HAYRPHayle Railway Police00.00.183700.00.184500.00.1852Taken over by the West Cornwall RailwayProbable
HRGRPHereford Ross and Gloucester Railway Police11.07.185315.07.185429.07.1862Amalgamated with the Great Western RailwayConfirmed
HGCPHerefordshire & Gloucester Canal Police1798 -184503.01.185200.00.1881ClosedConfirmed
HRPHighland Railway Police00.00.186528.01.189901.01.1923London Midland and Scottish RailwayConfirmed
H&MRCPHuddersfield and Manchester Railway and Canal Police00.00.184528.10.184600.00.1847Taken over by the London & North Western RailwayConfirmed
HJRPHuddersfield Joint Railway Police03.08.1847 01.01.1922 Joint station with the Huddersfield & Manchester Railway and the Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway. Absorbed by the LMSR.Confirmed.
HHRPHull & Holderness Railway Police24.06.185416.05.185600.00.1860Absorbed into the North Eastern RailwayConfirmed
H&BRPHull and Barnsley Railway Police (Formerly known as the Hull Barnsley & West Riding Junction Railway and Dock Company)26.08.188013.06.188800.00.1922Absorbed by the North Eastern RailwayConfirmed
H&SRPHull and Selby Railway Police00.00.184003.02.183800.00.1872Absorbed into the North Eastern RailwayConfirmed
HBWRJR&DPHull, Barnsley and West Riding Junction Railway & Dock Company Police20.07.188511.04.188900.00.1905Changed name to the Hull & Barnsley RailwayConfirmed
HDCPHull Dock Company Police00.00.177814.04.184301.07.1893Absorbed by the North Eastern RailwayConfirmed
I&PRPInverness and Perth Railway Police00.00.186328.06.186201.06.1865Absorbed into the Highland Railway.Confirmed
I&BRPIpswich and Bury St Edmunds Railway Police07.12.184626.09.184601.01.1847Absorbed by the Eastern Union RailwayConfirmed
NBTPIsle of Man Railway Police01.07.187304.09.188600.00.1978NationalisedConfirmed. No Link to BTP
IOWRPIsle of Wight Railway Police23.08.186420.07.186701.01.1923Merged into the Southern RailwayConfirmed
IOWCRPIsle Of Wight Central Railway Police00.00.188721.05.190901.01.1923Absorbed into Southern RailwayConfirmed
K&WRPKendal and Windermere Railway Police00.04.184723.08.184500.00.1858Leased to the London & Carlisle RailwayConfirmed
KSRPKinross-Shire Railway20.06.186000.00.186000.00.1861Absorbed by the Edinburgh, Perth & Dundee RailwayPossible
L&YRPLancashire and Yorkshire Railway Police00.00.184721.01.185401.01.1922Amalgamated into the London & North Western RailwayConfirmed
LD&ECRPLancashire Derbyshire and East Coast Railway Police00.00.189717.05.189800.00.1907Absorbed by the Great Central RailwayConfirmed
L&CRPLancaster and Carlisle Railway Police22.09.184626.02.184600.00.1879Merged with the London & North Western RailwayConfirmed
L&PJRPLancaster and Preston Junction Railway Police25.06.184020.04.184400.00.1859Amagamated with the Lancaster & Carlisle RwyConfirmed
LNPLee Navigation Police01.04.186900.07.188800.00.1962Absorbed by the British Waterways BoardConfirmed
L&BRPLeeds and Bradford Railway Police01.07.184627.05.184700.00.1853Absorbed into the Midland RailwayConfirmed
L&LCPLeeds and Liverpool Canal Police00.00.177312.04.184501.01.1948Nationalised into the British Transport CommissionConfirmed
L&SRPLeeds and Selby Railway Police22.09.183429.08.183529.08.1835Absorbed into the York & North Midland RailwayConfirmed
L&TRPLeeds and Thirsk Railway00.00.184800.00.184700.08.1851Changed it's name to the Leeds Northern RailwayConfirmed.
LJSPLeeds Joint Station Police (formerly known as the Leeds New Station)00.00.186927.09.189001.01.1922Jointly run by the LMS & LNER Companies.Confirmed
LNRPLeeds Northern Railway00.08.185100.08.185131.07.1854Amalgamated into the North Eastern RailwayConfirmed
LD&MRPLeeds, Dewsbury and Manchester Railway Police00.00.184717.06.184800.00.1847Leased to the London & North Western Railway prior to openingConfirmed
L&SRPLeicester and Swannington Railway Police17.07.183209.06.183800.00.1845Absorbed by the Midland RailwayConfirmed
L&CRPLiskard and Caradon Railway Police28.11.184411.03.186401.07.1909Absorbed into the Great Western RailwayConfirmed
L&MRPLiverpool and Manchester Railway15.09.183000.11.183029.03.1834Absorbed by the Grand Junction RailwayConfirmed
LSH&SLRPLiverpool St Helens & South Lancashire Railway00.00.188906.08.189200.00.1906Absorbed into the Great Central RailwayConfirmed
LRDPLlanelly Railway & Dock Police00.08.183507.02.186300.00.1889Absorbed into the Great Western RailwayConfirmed
LVRPLlynfi (Llynvi) Valley Railway Police (Horse drawn)00.00.184600.00.185201.07.1866Merged with the Ogmore Railway to form the Lynfi & Ogmore RailwayConfirmed
LSWRPLondon & South Western Railway04.06.183904.06.183901.01.1923Merged into the Southern RailwayConfirmed
L&BIRPLondon and Birmingham Railway00.00.183300.00.183316.07.1846Merged into the London & North Western RailwayConfirmed
L&BWRPLondon and Blackwall Railway Police06.07.184011.12.184901.01.1923Absorbed into the London & North Eastern RailwayConfirmed
L&BRPLondon and Brighton Railway Police00.00.183907.05.184100.00.1846Amalgamated into the London Brighton & South Coast RailwayConfirmed
L&CRPLondon and Croydon Railway Police05.06.1839 04.09.183927.07.1846Amalgamated into the London Brighton & South Coast RailwayConfirmed
LGRPLondon and Greenwich Railway Police08.02.183618.06.183600.00.1845Control was handed over to South Eastern Railway.Confirmed
LNERPLondon and North Eastern Railway Police01.01.192301.01.192301.01.1948Nationalised into British RailwaysConfirmed
LNWR&MRJPLondon and North Western & Midland Railways Birmingham Joint Station Police.Formed in 189700.00.191101.01.1923Birmingham New Street Station. Merged into the London Midland & Scottish RailwayConfirmed
LNW&MJRPLondon and North Western and Midland Railway Joint Committee PoliceUnknown26.03.1847UnknownUnknownConfirmed
LNWR&GWRPLondon and North Western Railway and Great Western Railway Joint Committee Police00.00.186129.05.189601.01.1923Merged into the London Midland & Scottish RailwayConfirmed
LNWRPLondon and North Western Railway Police16.07.184612.10.184601.01.1923Merged into the London Midland & Scottish RailwayConfirmed
L&SRPLondon and Southampton Railway Police31.05.1838 Alternative Date 21.03.183803.08.183800.00.1839Renamed the London & South Western RailwayConfirmed
LBSCRPLondon Brighton and South Coast Railway Police27.07.184604.10.185101.01.1923Absorbed into the Southern RailwayConfirmed
LCDRPLondon Chatham and Dover Railway Police (formerly known as the East Kent Railway)25.01.185809.04.186601.01.1899Amalgamated with the South Eastern Railway to form the South Eastern & Chatham RailwayConfirmed
LGOCPLondon General Omnibus Company01.01.185909.05.185900.00.1912Taken over by the Underground Electric Railways Group. However, kept its name until 1933 when it became part of the London Passenger Board.Confirmed
LMSRPLondon Midland and Scottish Railway01.01.192301.01.192301.01.1948Nationalised into British RailwaysConfirmed
LNW&L&YJRPLondon North Western and Lancashire and Yorkshire Joint Railway Police00.00. 185701.07.191001.01.1922Amalgamated into the London & North Western RailwayProbable
LPTBPLondon Passenger Transport Board Police13.04.193311.04.193601.01.1948Nationalised into the London Transport ExecutiveConfirmed
LTPLondon Transport (Executive) Police01.01.194801.01.194801.12.1958Absorbed into the British Transport CommissionConfirmed
LT&SRPLondon, Tilbury and Southend Railway Police13.04.185418.11.188700.00.1912Purchased by the Midland RailwayConfirmed
M&BRPManchester and Birmingham Railway Police00.00.184014.08.184100.00.1846Merged into the London & North Western RailwayConfirmed
MBRPManchester and Bolton Railway Police28.05.183818.08.183900.00.1846Absorved into the Manchester & Leeds RailwayConfirmed
M&LRPManchester and Leeds Railway Police00.00.183927.07.183909.07.1847Amalgamated into the Lancashire & Yorkshire RailwayConfirmed
NBTPManchester Ship Canal Police23.01.188824.01.188800.00.1993Purchased by Peel HoldingsConfirmed No Link to BTP
NBTPManchester Ship Canal Railway Police01.01.189418.11.190100.00.1993Purchased by Peel HoldingsConfirmed No Link to BTP
MS&LRPManchester, Sheffield and Lincolnshire Railway Police00.00.184722.07.185400.00.1897Changed it's name to the Great Central RailwayConfirmed
M&CRPMaryport & Carlisle Railway Police00.00.183619.07.188901.01.1923Merged into the London Midland & Scottish RailwayConfirmed
NBTPMersey and Irwell Navigation (Policed by the Manchester Ship Canal Police)00.00.173424.01.188801.01.1894Absorbed into the Mersey Ship CanalConfirmed
MDRPMetropolitan District Railway Police24.12.186815.10.189700.00.1902Absorbed by the Underground Electric Railways Company of LondonConfirmed
METRPMetropolitan Railway Police10.01.186325.06.186613.04.1933Taken over by the London Passenger Transport BoardConfirmed
M&RRPMiddlesbrough and Redcar Railway00.00.184600.00.184600.00.1858Absorbed into the Stockton & Darlington RailwayConfirmed
M&GNJRPMidland and Great Northern Joint Railway Police00.00.189300.00.190101.01.1923Acquired by the LNER & LMS RailwaysConfirmed
MCRPMidland Counties Railway Police04.06.183928.07.183800.00.1844Amalgamated into the Midland RailwayConfirmed
MRPMidland Railway Police00.00.184424.04.184701.01.1923Absorbed into the London Midland and Scottish RailwayConfirmed
M&KRPMonkland and Kirkintilloch Railway Police01.10.182602.04.184714.08.1848Merged into the Monkland Railways CompanyConfirmed
MonKRPMonkland Railways Police14.08.184800.00.184931.07.1865Absorbed by the Edinburgh & Glasgow RailwayConfirmed
MR&CCPMonmouthshire Railway and Canal Police30.06.185223.02.185403.05.1980Closed in stages.Confirmed
MORRPMorayshire Railway Police10.08.185200.00.185200.00.1881Amalgamated with the Great North of Scotland RailwayConfirmed
NBTPNeath Canal Navigation Police00.00.179506.01.18601930sClosedConfirmed, No Link to BTP
N&NSRP Newcastle and North Shields Railway Police00.06.183929.11.183900.11.1844 Absorbed by the Newcastle & Berwick Railway Confirmed
N&CRPNewcastle and Carlisle Railway Police18.06.183801.01.184700.00.1862Absorbed into the North Eastern RailwayConfirmed
NA&HRPNewport Abergavenny & Hereford Railway Police06.12.185327.07.185300.00.1863Taken over by the Great Western RailwayConfirmed
NRPNorfolk Railway Police00.00.184508.01.184800.00.1852Taken over by the Eastern Counties RailwayConfirmed
NBRPNorth British Railway Police00.00.184625.11.184501.01.1923Absorbed into the London & North Eastern RailwayConfirmed
NERPNorth Eastern Railway Police00.00.185425.11.185601.01.1923Absorbed into the London & North Eastern RailwayConfirmed
NLRPNorth London Railway Police00.00.185025.10.186900.00.1909Absorbed into the London & North Western RailwayConfirmed
NMRPNorth Midland Railway Police00.00.184021.11.184000.00.1844Merged into the Midland RailwayConfirmed
NSRPNorth Staffordshire Railway Police17.04.184824.12.184801.07.1923Absorbed into the London Midland and Scottish RailwayConfirmed
NURPNorth Union Railway Police22.05.183428.05.183810.05.1844Absorbed by the Bolton and Preston RailwayConfirmed
NWRPNorth Western Railway Police (known as the Little North Western Railway)31.07.184909.10.184730.07.1874Absorbed by the Midland RailwayConfirmed
N&ERPNorthern and Eastern Railway Police15.09.184015.03.184400.00.1902Merged into the Great Eastern RailwayConfirmed
O&NRPOswestry & Newtown Railway Police00.00.186026.05.185500.07.1864Merged into the Cambrian RailwayConfirmed
O&RRPOxford & Rugby Railway Police02.09.185031.10.184602.09.1850Built and Operated by the Great Western RailwayConfirmed
OW&WRPOxford Worcester & Wolverhampton Railway Police01.12.185319.05.185500.00.1860Merged into the West Midland RailwayPossible
PRPPeebles Railway Police29.05.185516.06.186413.07.1876Absorbed by the North British RailwayConfimed
P&TRPPembroke and Tenby Railway Police30.07.1863Unknown00.00.1897Absorbed into the Great Western RailwayConfirmed
PGWDPPlymouth Great Western Docks Police00.00.184622.12.186600.00.1876Absorbed by the South Devon Railway Confirmed
PTR&DPPort Talbot Railway & Docks Police00.00.1897Unknown01.01.1922Taken over by the Great Western RailwayProbable
PWJRPPreston and Wyre Joint Railway Police28.07.184906.10.185501.07.1888DissolvedConfirmed
RGRRPReading Guildford & Reigate Railway Police00.00.184928.07.184900.00.1852Merged with the South Eastern RailwayConfirmed
RCPRegent's Canal & Dock Company Police00.00.181210.05.184701.01.1929Merged into the Grand Union CanalConfirmed
RRPRhymney Railway Police00.09.185707.10.189601.01.1922Absorbed by the Great Western RailwayConfirmed
R&SRPRugby and Stamford Railway Police00.00.185007.01.184600.00.1846Absorbed by the London & North Western Railway (prior to opening).Confirmed
NBTPRuncorn and Weston Canal (Policed by the Mancehster Ship Canal Police)00.00.185924.01.188800.00.1962ClosedConfirmed
NBTPRyde Pier Company Police26.07.181401.08.184813.05.1854In 1854 the Force was disbanded and the County Police Force took over.Confirmed, No Link to BTP
SCRPScottish Central Railway Police00.00.184500.00.184700.00.1865Merged with the Caledonian RailwayConfirmed
SMJRPScottish Midland Junction Railway Police04.08.184800.00.185029.07.1856Merged with the Aberdeen Railway to form the Aberdeen & Scotland Midland Junction RailwayConfirmed
SNERPScottish North Eastern Railway Police29.07.185600.00.185710.08.1866Absorbed into the Caledonian RailwayConfirmed
SHPSeaham Harbour Police00.00.182809.09.185306.10.1900Amalgamated with the North Eastern RailwayConfirmed
SDBCPSharpness Dock (also known as the Gloucester and Berkeley Canal Dock)25.11.187425.11.187401.01.1948NationalisedConfirmed
S&MJRPSheffield & Midland Joint Railway Police06.08.187220.04.189822.07.1904Renamed the Great Central & Midland Joint CommitteeProbable
S&RRPSheffield and Rotherham Railway Police31.10.183831.10.183821.07.1845Absorbed by the Midland RailwayConfirmed
S&SYNPSheffield and South Yorkshire Navigation Police.00.00.1722.28.11.193301.01.1948Previously called the Don Navigation Canal. NationalisedConfirmed
SCPSheffield Canal Police00.00.181923.11.188500.00.1895Purchased by the Manchester Sheffield & Lincolnshire Railway on 22.07.1848. Nationalised.Confirmed
NBTPSheffield Tramway Police00.00.187327.11.190108.10.1960Initially Horsedrawn. Closed DownConfirmed, No Link to BTP
SAMRPSheffield, Ashton-under-Lyne and Manchester Railway Police11.11.184116.09.184600.00.1847Renamed the Manchester, Sheffield & Lincolnshire RailwayConfirmed
S&HRPShrewsbury and Hereford Railway Police21.04.185204.01.186100.00.1871Jointly acquired by the London North Western Railway and the Great Western RailwayConfirmed
S&DJRPSomerset & Dorset Joint Railway Police01.11.187526.05.186601.01.1923Taken over by the London Midland & Scotland Railway and also the Southern RailwayConfirmed
SCRPSomerset Central Railway Police03.03.185906.07.186101.09.1862Amalgamated with the Dorset Central Railway to form the Somerset & Dorset RailwayConfirmed
SD&CRPSouth Devon and Cornwall Railway PoliceUnknown00.00.1860UnknownUnknownConfirmed
SDRPSouth Devon Railway Police30.05184622.07.184801.02.1876Absorbed into the Great Western RailwayConfirmed
SD&LURPSouth Durham and Lancashire Union Railway Police00.03.186100.00.185830.06.1862Absorbed by the Stockton & Darlington RailwayConfirmed
SE&CRPSouth Eastern and Chatham Railway Police01.01.189908.12.190000.00.1923Amalgamated into the Southern RailwayConfirmed
SERPSouth Eastern Railway Police26.05.184201.10.183901.01.1923Merged into the Southern RailwayConfirmed
SLRPSouth Leicestershire Railway Police14.06.186004.03.186500.00.1867Absorbed by the London & North Western RailwayConfirmed
SWRPSouth Wales Railway Police18.06.1850c185001.08.1863Absorbed into the Great Western RailwayConfirmed
SYRPSouth Yorkshire Railway Police10.11.184926.04.186200.05.1864Absorbed into the Manchester Sheffield & Lincolnshire RailwayConfirmed
SDPSouthampton Docks Police00.00.183600.00.183800.00.1892Absorbed by the London and South Western Railway.Confirmed
SHBPSouthampton Harbour Board Police00.00.183600.00.183900.00.1980Disbanded, the BTP adopted policing for the Town Quay. Confirmed
S&CRPSoutherland and Cathness Railway Police28.07.187400.00.186830.07.1884Absorbed into the Highland RailwayConfirmed
SRPSouthern Railway Police01.01.192301.01.192301.01.1948Nationalised into British RailwaysConfirmed
SHRGRPSt Helens and Runcorn Gap Railway Police (In 1854 known as the St Helens Railway)00.00.183327.01.185431.07.1864Absorbed in the London & North Western RailwayConfirmed
S&DRPStockton and Darlington Railway Police27.09.182530.06.182600.00.1863Merged into the North Eastern RailwayConfirmed
SHTPSwansea Harbour Trust Police00.00.179119.08.191300.00.1923Absorbed into the Great Western RailwayConfirmed
TVRPTaff Vale Railway Police08.10.184010.01.184601.01.1922Absorbed into the Great Western RailwayConfirmed
T&HJRPTottenham and Hampstead Joint Railway Police21.07.186808.04.187400.00.1902Absorbed into the Midland RailwayConfirmed
T&MCPTrent and Mersey Canal Police00.00.177115.12.188115.01.1847Purchased by the North Staffordshire RailwayConfirmed
TRVRPTrent Valley Railway Police30.11.184719.02.184700.08.1846Absorbed into the London & North Western RailwayProbable
TW&HSERPTunbridge Wells and Hastings South Eastern Railway Police20.09.184527.06.184801.01.1923Merged into Southern RailwayConfirmed
UERLPUnderground Electric Railways London Police00.00.190219.03.192113.04.1933Absorbed into the London Passenger Transport BoardConfirmed
VonRPVale of Neath Railway Police24.09.185127.12.185601.02.1865Absorbed into the Great Western RailwayConfirmed
WCRPWest Cornwall Railway Police00.00.184601.07.185301.01.1948Nationalised into British RailwaysConfirmed
WHH&RPWest Hartlepool Harbour & Railway Company 17.05.185327.08.185830.06.1865Amalgamated with the North Eastern Railway Confirmed
WLRPWest London Railway Police27.05.184416.07.184430.11.1844Closed completelyConfirmed
WMRPWest Midland Railway Police01.07.186011.08.186001.08.1863Amalgamated into the Great Western RailwayConfirmed
GWRPWeymouth Tramway (Weymouth Harbour)16.10.1865c188001.03.1987Opened by the GWR. BTP ceased Policing.Confirmed
W&CRPWilshaw and Coltness Railway Police23.01.183400.00.184700.00.1848Absorbed by the Caledonian RailwayConfirmed
WM&CRPWilsontown, Morningside & Coltness Railway Police05.06.184500.00.184700.00.1849Absorbed by the Edinburgh & Glasgow RailwayConfirmed
W&BCPWorcester and Birmingham Canal Police00.00.179525.02.1892UnknownParts of the canal are still navigable and are in useConfirmed
WVRPWye Valley Railway Police01.11.187614.11.188400.00.1905Absorbed into the Great Western RailwayConfirmed
Y&NMRPYork and North Midland Railway Police00.00.183913.07.183900.00.1872Amalgamated into the North Eastern RailwayConfirmed
YN&BRPYork Newcastle and Berwick Railway Police00.00.184704.05.184900.00.1854Absorbed into the North Eastern RailwayConfirmed


[1] On the 6th June 1897 the Bute Dock Company changed its name to the Cardiff Railway Company. Although it was intended that the Police force should follow suit to become the Cardiff Railway Police, it did not do so, and remained known as the Bute Dock Police until absorbed into the GWR Police in 1923. This despite the fact that there are occasional references to the Cardiff Railway Police.

[2] On the 31st August 1848 the Birmingham & Oxford Junction Railway was purchased by the Great Western Railway; this was two years before the railway line opened. The B&OJR continued construction / operation for some period after 1848 under its own name before absorption into the GWR. During this period Constables were employed, but it cannot be definitively stated whether they wore the badges of the B&OJR or GWR.