BTP Magazines

The British Transport Police Magazines 1991 – 2013

The BTP History Group has completed a project to scan all 249 editions of The Blue Line and The Line published by the Force between 1991 and 2013.

Following on from our earlier project to scan the BTP Journals, the next task was to conduct a similar venture for the magazines.

The Blue Line was published from April 1991 until August 2009. It was published monthly, and it superseded the former BTP Journal and its predecessors.

The Line came along in November 2009, replacing the Blue Line. It too was published monthly up to its final issue in December 2013 when Force publications became digital only.

Both publications contained a wealth of information of BTP’s past including important major events dealt with by the Force, awards, promotions, obituaries, sports and social events along with many photos.

As with the Journals, there is now a DVD available for sale. This DVD will hopefully be a useful tool for police historians with an interest in BTP and to those researching their own family history.

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