Society For The Protection Of Life From Fire

The Society for the Protection of Life from Fire exists to give recognition to people who perform acts of bravery in rescuing others from the life-threatening effects of fires in the United Kingdom. Since it was established (as the Royal Society for the Protection of Life from Fire) in 1836 it has awarded certificates which testify to ‘distinguished conduct while engaged in the rescue of life from fire’. [3]

CASEY Anthony


PC1970BTP EustonCertificateOn 14th August 1970 a fire broke out in a derelict house in Euston Road, London N.W.1. The officers called for the Fire Brigade but noticed a man in the building. They entered the smoke filled building with Sgt. Skinner of the Metropolitan Police and managed to rescue the man despite his clothes being alight.
ELLERINGTON MalcolmDC1978BTP Hull (Rail)CertificateWhilst on mobile patrol in Hull on the night of the 4th June 1977, DC Ellerington spotted a burning house. He called the Fire Brigade and managed to enter the building to rescue the occupants. Despite being beaten back by thick smoke on several occasions he managed to break down the door of an attic room to rescue one man.
PATRICK C H PC1938Tyne Dock, LNERBronze MedalP.C. Patrick was proceeding home after duty when he was informed that No.8 Dock Street, Tyne Dock, was on fire. Hurrying up the back stairs he forced the kitchen door with an axe. Onlookers called that three children lived in the house, and after a search he rescued one child under great difficulties, and with the assistance of PC H. Maxwell, of the South Shields Borough Police, and John William Booth, succeeded in finding and rescuing the remaining two children. See article: An Award for PC Patrick

[3] Source: Society For The Protection Of Life From Fire