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British Transport Police
British Transport Police is the national police force for the railways providing a policing service to rail operators, their staff and passengers throughout England, Scotland and Wales. Every day, we police the journeys of over six million passengers and 400,000 tonnes of freight over 10,000 miles of track. We believe travelling is about more than just getting there. It’s about ensuring safety and security all the way.

British Transport Police Authority
The BTPA is the independent body responsible for ensuring an efficient and effective British Transport Police force for rail operators, their staff and passengers. Its duties and functions are similar to those of the Scottish Police Authority or a Police and Crime Commissioner in England and Wales, but it oversees a force that is responsible for policing a much wider area: the railways of Great Britain.

British Transport Police Federation
British Transport Police Federation is the staff association for police Constables, Sergeants, Inspectors and Chief Inspectors in the British Transport Police. We represent 2800 officers across Great Britain and our role is to assist in and promote the welfare and efficiency of the force.

BTP Policing in South Wales
History of Railway, Dock and Canal Police Forces of South Wales.

The National Association for Retired British Transport Police Officers.

The Railway Dogs Benevolent Fund
The Railway Dogs Benevolent Fund was established to support dogs who have completed their service with British Transport Police (BTP). The Fund provides grants towards the cost of their care, including ongoing medical treatment, so these loyal and hardworking animals can enjoy a long and happy retirement.

National Railway Museum
The largest railway museum in the world, with almost 1 million visitors per year to sites in York and Shildon.

          • Including a table of over 20,000 Railway workers who died in World War One
          • And Britain’s Railways All Change (BRAC) oral history project. You can locate the interviews that have been published using the search term ‘BRAC’ or you can search by name and topic too. You may need to refine the results by ‘Category’ and then ‘Oral Histories’ or ‘Object type’ and then ‘oral history interview’ in the right-hand box as Collections Online lists objects and archives from all the museums across the SMG.


National Police Officers Roll of Honour
Honouring Police Officers who have been killed, or died as a result of injuries received, in consequence of the execution of their duty and Remembering Police Officers who have otherwise died, on or in connection with their duty, or whilst serving overseas.

Police Roll of Honour Trust
Researches and maintains the National Police Officers Roll of Honour and Remembrance. A record of the public service and sacrifice of British police officers who have lost their lives in the line of duty, since the earliest days of professional law enforcement.

Railway Heritage Trust
In 1985, British Rail set up the Railway Heritage Trust as an independent body, to assist the operational railway in its preservation and upkeep of listed buildings and structures, and to facilitate the transfer of non-operational premises and structures to outside bodies willing to undertake their preservation.

Police History Society
A forum for all interested in the history of police and policing in the UK from Peel to the present day.

The Police Foundation
The Police Foundation is the only independent think tank focused exclusively on improving policing and developing knowledge and understanding of policing and crime reduction. Its mission is to generate evidence and develop ideas which deliver better policing and a safer society. Producing trusted, impartial research and by working with the police and their partners to create change.

Police Memorabilia Collectors Club
The Police Memorabilia Collectors Club exists to promote and assist the study, collection and understanding of all items of memorabilia relating to police services throughout the world, to encourage and assist police history and police museums, and to bring together like-minded police enthusiasts wherever they might be.

The Railway & Canal Historical Society
Founded in 1954 to bring together all those interested in the history of transport, with particular reference to railways and waterways in Britain, its main objects are to promote historical research and to raise the standard of published history.

History of the Lee and Stort Navigations
A site detailing the history of the River Lee and Stort Navigations, including a page on the Police and Bailiffs. The police officers were absorbed into the BTC Police upon nationalisation in 1948.

Garda Síochána Historical Society
Aiming to bring the rich history and traditions of Irish policing (especially the history of the Garda Síochána) into the public arena.

RUC GC Historical Society
PSNI Police Museum history page and contact details for the RUC GC Historical Society.

London & North Western Railway Society
The LNWR Society was formed in 1973 to collect and disseminate information about the London and North Western Railway, its constituents and its successors. They are interested in the infrastructure of the railway, the men and women who made it work, as well as the engines and rolling stock which it built and used. They help modellers, preservationists, historians and those with just a passing interest in the LNWR.

The North Eastern Railway Association
NERA was formed in 1961 to cater for all enthusiasts interested in the railways of north eastern England, the North Eastern Railway, the Hull & Barnsley Railway, from their successors, and also the smaller independent and industrial railways that operated alongside the main line system.

Railwaymen and Women of the North London Railway
The History of Officers and Servants of the NLR from the 1850’s. The site contains a collection of over 8,870 names of NLR railwaymen and women with varying amounts of information about them. The least being a name on the NLR War Memorial to a comprehensive story. One thing I have discovered over the years in connection with the general history of the North London Railway is that if a source is not cited be wary!  Hopefully, all that I have included here has the source quoted. The majority of details concerning railway careers has come from the staff registers and minutes of meetings of the NLR now held by The National Archives.

Liverpool City Police
A History of Liverpool City Police….. from its inception to the present day. This is a web resource and virtual museum dedicated to the proud men and women of yesteryear who served the public of Liverpool. It is administered by retired Police Officers devoted to capturing the past and who want to show it as a world resource.

The Railroad Police
Developed to promote the history of Railroad Policing in the United States of America, as well as explaining the duties of the modern-day Railroad Police Officer.
The site details the history of railroad policing, together with many historic photographs, memorabilia and items such as badges and patches.

Great Eastern Railway Society
The GER Society was formed in 1973 in order to promote a widespread interest in the Great Eastern Railway, to encourage and co-ordinate research into its history, and to provide a permanent record of the results. This is being achieved by building upon the knowledge of the known GER experts, and by locating and studying all surviving records of the railway. In so doing, the Society has established a high reputation amongst railway enthusiasts, historians, museums and professional railwaymen for the quality and accuracy of its publications, its expertise and activities.

Friends of Metropolitan Police Historical Collection
The Friends is a group of like minded people seeking to promote and preserve the history of the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) and its service to London since 1829. It is an independent community group that works alongside the staff at the Metropolitan Police Heritage Centre.

NARPO Staffordshire
The National Association of Retired Police Officers is a rank-free association dedicated to improving benefits for all members. The Staffordshire Branch is amongst the most active in the UK supplemented by nine sub-branches, we have over 2020 members continuing to play our part in regional and national issues. At the heart of what we do is being ‘of service to those who have served’, maintaining welfare and social wellbeing of our members, keeping in touch and keeping members informed.

War Memorials Archive
The Imperial War Museum’s War Memorials Archive (formerly UK National Inventory of War Memorials) is working to compile a comprehensive record of all war memorials in the UK to promote their appreciation, use and preservation.

Sussex History by Kevin Gordon
Long time BTP historian, Kevin Gordon, now has his own blog. It combines his interests in local Sussex history with that of policing. We look forward to seeing the results of his detailed research.

The Dover Historian
A collection of historical articles from the town of Dover, England, by Lorraine Sencicle. This website is a treasure trove for the history enthusiast, there is information on Dover, the port and the railways that served it.


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