Christian Police Association

As part of our recent look at the various Support Groups within the BTP, today we highlight the Christian Police Association.

The BTP CPA was set up by C/I Paul WILSON (rtd) c.1994. It forms part of the national CPA which is the oldest police employee support group by far.

BTP CPA currently has around 40 members.

Founded in 1883 by Catherine Gurney, OBE, the Christian Police Association now has branches in the majority of police areas in the United Kingdom as well as maintaining links with similar groups overseas through the International Christian Police Fellowship. Catherine’s legacy to the Police Service remains to this day.  The Police Convalescent Homes she founded are now known as Rehabilitation or Treatment centres.

They are located in Flint House in Oxfordshire, St Andrew’s in Harrogate and at Castlebrae, Auchterarder in Scotland. She also founded Police Orphanages and schools whose ongoing work is continued by the Gurney Fund in the south and St George’s Police Trust in the north. The CPA which Catherine founded remains an active voice for Christians in the Police.  It is her tradition of practical Christianity that the CPA continually aims to promote.

You can read more about their history in the History of the CPA