PC Milburn - Leicester Central Station. Circa 1900

PC Milburn – Leicester Central Station. Circa 1900

The group recognises a number of Projects, some of which are under way and some proposed – some BTPHG sponsored and some proposed by individual members. All will take some time to complete but at least the first steps have been taken.

If you can assist in any of these projects, or have any document, publication, photograph or artefact which you would be willing to donate or allow to be photographed, digitally or otherwise recorded, please contact the relevant Project Manager (links below).

The following is a list of Group projects currently under way (or completed).

1Photo Exhibition to mark the 25th Anniversary of BTP withdrawal from policing the docksViv HeadCompleted 2010
2Police Posts (complete historical list)VacantCommenced
3Ports & Docks Policed by BTP (complete historical list)Viv HeadCommenced
4Nominal Roll of Officers and Staff who have served since 1826Viv HeadCommenced
5Catalogue of Retained Archives donated to the GroupIan OliverCommenced
6Digital Archive Photo Project (DAPP)Martin McKayCommenced
7Awards & Recognition given to Officers of the ForceVacantCommenced
8Roll of Honour - Officers killed at WarEd ThompsonCommenced
8aRoll of Honour - Officers killed or who have died doing their dutyViv HeadCommenced
9BTP Constituent Forces (complete historical list)Ed ThompsonCompleted 2013*
10Census Returns ResearchVacantCommenced
11Police Service RecordsVacantCommenced
12Policing the CanalsVacantCommenced
13History of the BTP Dog SectionVacantCommenced
14Whitbread Shield / Keith Winter CupColin SinclairCommenced
15Railway Police in IrelandRob DavisonCommenced
16Status & Duties of the early railway policemanSteve Beamon & Viv Head Commenced
17BTP Census - To capture a snapshot of the Force as of 2013/14John Owen & Ed ThompsonCompleted
18Scanning the BTP Journal and production of DVDViv HeadCompleted 2014
DVD launched 2015
19Commemorative plaque at TadworthRob DavisonCompleted 2015
20Rail closure protests of the 1960’s and 70’sRob DavisonCommenced
21Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic History ResearchCommenced

 *Completed, but subject of continuous updating

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Viv Head:

Steve Beamon

Colin Sinclair

Rob Davison

Martin McKay