The Temperance Refreshment Room

A gathering outside the temperance room.

A gathering outside the temperance room.


by Steve Beamon


Here is a new postcard which I recently acquired.

The background building is a staff only temperance refreshment room but the location is unclear, possibly Victoria or Brighton? The Railway Temperance Union began in 1882 but interest increased in the early 20th century with over 300 branches throughout the railway network.

So the postcard is after 1882.

The rear of the postcard is not divided, division of postcards with the left side for the message and the right side for the address began in 1902 as a result of GPO pressure.

So the postcard is probably pre 1902.

The stamp box is unusual but research whilst acknowledging the design does not show a date, however it mentions a half-penny stamp.

The stamp was used between 1894 and 1918 for postcards.

The London Brighton and South Coast railway police were reorganised around 1900 and they were issued with helmets to replace the top hats previously worn.

So the postcard is probably 1900 to 1902.

The helmet plate has a Kings crown and is therefore after Victoria died in January 1901. (Current market value of this plate would be around £400!)

So the postcard is probably from 1901…..however there will be some latitude so we are probably looking at 1901 – 1903.