New BTP History Writer Appointed

In was recently announced in the BTPHG Year Book 2015, that the nominations committee have this year appointed Malcolm Clegg as a BTP History Writer for his dogged determination in researching and documenting the life story of J.R. Whitbread, author of The Railway Policeman (1961), a task that many had failed before . . . → Read More: New BTP History Writer Appointed

Newly Appointed BTP History Writer


As with any organisation today, it is the website that is its public face and often the means by which it may be judged. In a history group especially, it is important to have information that is easy to read, easy to find and meaningful. That this website continues . . . → Read More: Newly Appointed BTP History Writer

BTP History Writer Scheme

Over the years a number of people have made a significant and valuable contribution towards documenting BTP history. The History Group believes it would be appropriate to recognise these contributions by conferring an informal ‘title’. This is intended as a simple recognition of good work done. It may include, but is not limited . . . → Read More: BTP History Writer Scheme