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5 comments to News, Views and Comments.

  • John Bulleyment

    I wish all well in this new adventure, long may it last. Its well overdue and thanks to you we are up and running

  • Robert C. Davison, Co. Down

    Congratulations on the new website. Hopefully it will inspire people to participate and build on the wonderful work carried out so far.

    The Picture Gallery has a great potential but may I just point out what I believe are a couple of errors.
    In the Policewomen’s section, picture No.20 shows WPC Pat Bradley (not Ann as shown) chatting to ‘Bernie’ Stockton. I also believe that picture No.27 is Pat and ‘Bernie’ on a platform at Snow Hill Station, Birmingham (not Euston). I served with both of these officers and I believe that the pictures were taken by the local newspaper, the Birmingham Evening Mail for an article highlighting the work of our ‘girls’.

    • mmckay_admin


      Thanks for your comments and for the corrections, I have updated the website accordingly.


  • Brian Preece

    The picture Crew Crewe was in fact a football match between Birmingham B.T.P and Crewe BTP. I am the player front row bottom right. The Crewe team were short of a player and for a small transfer fee i turned out for Crewe.


  • Martin McKay

    Thanks Brian,

    I’ll add you comments to the bottom of the photo.