Comments on BTP's role in the recent riots in English cities

BTP Riot Gear

BTP Riot Gear

From the BTP website –

The rail system has largely been able to operate during the recent difficult circumstances in London and various towns and cities across England.

Our officers are out in force and have dealt with some minor problems, but no serious incidents. We will intervene should incidents occur and will take a robust approach to any disorder in support of our local police colleagues. Our priority remains ensuring the safety of the railways and those who work within it and travel on it, and our operations are supporting this.

From The Times –

Chief Constable Andy Trotter urged minsters to stop ‘pretending’ sweeping cuts to budgets would not affect front line policing.

From FaceBook –

Our people have been truly magnificent… they have been in the thick of it; particularly when the trouble in Croydon was at its height. We had officers under attack including by petrol bomb. I can tell you that BTP has stepped up to the plate and displayed great courage, Integrity, resilience and professional competence. I am very proud of out people and I am sure you are too. As always the very worst situations brings out the very best in police officers.

From Twitter –

We are deploying 21 Mobile Support Units across London and UK city centres to respond to any disorder in key areas.


Huge thanks to our Special Constables who’ve risen to the challenge of recent events supporting frontline officers & the rail network.

Well done every one.

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  • Ralph Orchard

    Well what did you expect we are the BTP, never shy to be at the forefront of any misconduct thats going on. Its a pity that the powers to be cant make up their minds to use riot trained officers or to stop sending them on riot training courses and save a bit of money. Any office will tell you that these little scrotes dont like pain, they run like hell as soon as the police were/are allowed to charge. Come on Great Britain be Great again.