The Police Foundation – online seminar

The Police Foundation is organising an online seminar on the topic of police history. It will discuss the nature and impact of police history as a field of study, the relationship between the police service and historical research and the role that historians play in comparable professional fields. It will discuss what can be done to strengthen the role that police history plays in shaping, contextualising and informing public policy discussion on policing, as well as the profession’s own understanding of its role in society.

The event is free. For those interested more information can be found at the link below:

Condemned to repeat it: Why policing should take its own history seriously

The Police Foundation is the only independent think tank focused exclusively on improving policing and developing knowledge and understanding of policing and crime reduction. Its mission is to generate evidence and develop ideas which deliver better policing and a safer society. Producing trusted, impartial research and by working with the police and their partners to create change.

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