PW Phyllis Piper, Liverpool Street, LNER, 1941 or 1942?

A new entry for the Policewomen in Pictures gallery today.

A couple of questions arise from this photograph’s description. Firstly, the date is shown as 1942, whereas the article in the LNER magazine (link below) states it was 1941, but as that article was not published until 1943, it could be that either one is correct.

Secondly, she is described as the first railway policewoman in England. This obviously is not true. In the LNER Magazine she describes herself as the first LNER policewoman, which makes more sense. Although there were GER policewomen at Liverpool Street approximately 25 years before that.

H/T to Mike Joyce for finding the photo.

See: My Day’s Work for Miss Piper’s original article,

and Policewomen on the Railways for more detail.

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