New Book

Another new BTP related book has been placed on our Virtual Bookshelf.

This time from our very own Secretary, Bill Rogerson M.B.E.

Old Bill

Old Bill’s Tales of the Railway Old Bill

Forty Nine Years of Working for the British Transport Police (1971 – 2020)


“Interested in the reality of policing? Interested in railways? The heart-warming tale of the life of a British Transport Police Officer and steadfast community worker. Bill looks back at his 49 years working with the British Transport Police working as a warranted officer, a civilian and a volunteer, which was sometime humorous and sometimes serious. Unlike a lot of police related stories, Bill’s is not one of high-speed car chases, high level drug busts, shooting bank robbers and the like, but details the everyday life of an ordinary railway copper, policing Britain’s railways in England, Scotland Wales and on the high seas to Ireland, along with a couple of trips to the Netherlands. There are some gentle humorous memoirs from Bill contained in the book including his experiences of teaching well over one million school children on the dangers of the railway. Why not purchase the book to relive Bill’s tales.”

The book is available to purchase now from Amazon.

This is not Bill’s first book, having co-authored two books – ‘Police Dog Heroes‘ and ‘The Hooligans Are Still Among Us‘ – with Michael Layton.


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