Great Train Robbery Confidential: The Cop and the Robber Follow New Lines of Enquiry

Another new BTP related book has recently been published and added to our virtual BookShelf.

Following on from his autobiography, An Inspector Recalls: Memoirs of a Railway Detective, retired BTP Detective Superintendent and BTPHG member Graham Satchwell has ventured into the true crime arena with his own investigation of the Great Train Robbery.

From the publishers website:
“In 1981, Detective Inspector Satchwell was the officer in charge of the case against Train Robber Tom Wisbey and twenty others. The case involved massive thefts from mail trains – similar to the Great Train Robbery of 1963 where £2.6 million was taken and only £400,000 ever recovered.

Thirty years later their paths crossed again and an unlikely partnership was formed, with the aim of revealing the truth about the Great Train Robbery.

This book reassesses the known facts about one of the most infamous crimes in modern history from the uniquely qualified insight of an experienced railway detective, presenting new theories alongside compelling evidence and correcting the widely accepted lies and half-truths surrounding this story.”

Graham adds:
“I have been working on the subject for a number of years, in a way, ever since 1981. In that year I had access to the entire Metropolitan Police Great Train Robbery archive, and started to get to know some of the people featured there. More recently, I have done a complete review of all the main published works and trawled several important untapped sources. During 2015 and 2016 I also had considerable help from an unexpected quarter – Train Robber Tom Wisbey. The results are striking and will certainly impact those who have an interest in this crime – it turns over ‘accepted facts’, exposes a great deal of accepted falsehood and generally puts ‘the cat amongst the pigeons.’

Great Train Robbery buffs might have viewed the Channel 4 TV special programme about my investigation on Monday 12th August, it was revelatory, but very short of what my book reveals.”

‘The Great Train Robbery – Confidential’ is published by The History Press and widely available in print or ebook format from 1st October 2019.

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