London, Chatham and Dover Railway Police

A fascinating insight into the way our forebears were engaged has come from the a new article on The Dover Historian website.

The article, by Lorraine Sencicle, is one in a series documenting how the English ‘packet’ service out of Dover, that is ships carrying official messages and mail, evolved over the centuries. This article concentrates on the London, Chatham and Dover Railway Company’s venture between 1860 and 1874. It is entitled Packet Service V LCDR & the Route to Dover’s Prosperity.

Of particular interest to the BTPHG is the use of the railway company’s police on the ships, and the fight against the rise in crime affecting their passengers. It also documents a joint operation between the LCDR police, the South Eastern Railway Police, Dover Borough Police and the Metropolitan Police.

The Dover Historian website is a treasure trove for the history enthusiast, there is information on Dover, the port and the railways that served it.


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The article is a long one, so although it is worth reading in full, you can use your browser to do a word search for ‘police’ to get to the most relevant parts.

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