BTPHG Projects page

We have now have revamped the Projects webpage to identify the Project Manager for each Project.
This will enable people interested in a specific project to make contact directly.

UPDATE: February 2011

Just added new ‘Lifesaving and other Awards’ page. First table relates to Royal Humane Society Awards.

2 comments to BTPHG Projects page

  • Robert C. Davison, Co. Down

    It’s tempting to not let the facts spoil a good story, but the entry for me in the RHS Awards section is erroneous!

    First, the surname is DAVISON not as shown, and the incident was a ‘one under’ at Hyde Park Corner LT Station on 6th. February 1974. I did not jump in front of the train to save the man – he was already under it when I arrived. I went under the train to attend to him and finding he was uninjured, but distressed, ordered the train to be driven off over myself and an ambulanceman who had come to assist. This was the quickest and most expedient way of getting him off the track and away to hospital, but carryied an element of risk, which presumably is why I received the award.

  • mmckay_admin

    Thanks Robert, we’re all about the facts here!

    The website has been amended.