Dog Jack

PC Wardman and Police Dog Jack

THE brave action of L.N.E.R. Police Constable Wardman, of Hull, who dived into the Victoria Dock in the darkness to save his police dog Jack, was like a story-book incident in real life. For some reason the rescue of a dog touches the imagination of the average person even more than the rescue of a human being, probably because it involves a greater degree of unselfishness. In the rescue of dog Jack, P.C. Wardman not only dived into the water between a vessel and the dock side, but supported the dog in the water by floating with it on his chest until a rope was obtained, and when the rope broke the first time, and slipped a second time, he still persevered. It was only when, on the third attempt, the dog was hauled safely to the quay that Wardman allowed himself to be assisted out of the water by the dock-gateman and the watchman of the ship (a Japanese subject). P.C. Wardman  has received the high commendation of his chief, Lieut.-Colonel G. A. C. Webb, and has been awarded  the silver medal of the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, the society’s premier decoration.

He is also to receive a reward from the railway company. Constable Wardman is an ex-naval man and took part in the battle of Jutland.


Extract from the North Eastern Railway Magazine, 1926.
Photo and text from the NER Magazine DVD. © North Eastern Railway Association