Children's Christmas Party, 1950.

Barbara Bennett, the daughter of the late D/S Robert Thomas, recently supplied two photographs of a Children’s Christmas Party she attended as a child. They can be seen in the Sports & Social photo gallery. We thank Barbara for her submission. A quick search on the BTP Journals DVD found the below account of that same party in the April 1951 edition of the BTC Journal.





On Saturday, 30th December, 1950, the Club held its Annual Christmas Party for the children of the Club Members, at the Clerical Staff Canteen, Waterloo Station.

Seventy children attended, several being absent owing to sickness and we sincerely hope that the latter have all got well again and were not too disappointed at not being able to come along to join us.

Those who attended were supplied with the usual paper hats, and they sat down to tea and relished the jellies, trifles, cakes, etc. The tables were attractively laid and looked very colourful with the flowers and bon-bons. There were musical interludes, and the party clown, besides keeping the children amused, led them in community singing.

Presents were distributed by ‘ Father Christmas ’ (D. E. Neville), the Christmas Tree being gaily decorated with festoons and coloured lights. Every child, absent and present, received a present.

During the evening we were entertained by two ten year old girl dancers, Maxine and Janet Aslam, 1950 All England Juvenile Dance Champions, who gave a very fine display. This was followed by a cinematograph show which kept all the children, and indeed the Mothers and Fathers who were present, enthralled for about an hour. The whole entertainment was exceedingly well received and applauded by one and all.

The children also received gifts of fruit, nuts, sweets and balloons, and I think it would be true to say that everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves, and that all the boys and girls went away happy after this, our third, Children’s Christmas Party.

We would like to take this opportunity of thanking all those members of the Committee, the Policewomen, helpers, and donors, who with their hard work and contributions, made the party the success which we have been assured it was.

E. C. Brashier,
J. A. Labdon,
Hon. Gen. Secretary.