The Making of the Barking Bobbies

End of an era1

END OF AN ERA: The last official picture of the North Humberside Division of British Transport Police, taken in March 1985.

 Taking a Trip Down Memory Lane by Rex Booth

“OPERATIONAL dogs and handlers annual refresher courses, at the dog training establishment, Hedon.
Fortnightly refresher courses have been arranged for dogs and handlers at the above training establishment.
Handlers will travel to the dog training establishment on Monday, the first day of the course.
Dogs and handlers will be met by, and conveyed from, Hull (Paragon Station) to Hedon by police transport.
Time of arrival at Hull should be notified to the training establishment in advance.
Handlers should bring with them a brush and comb for grooming the dog and a tracking line and harness.
Overalls or an old suit of clothes will be required for training purposes.
Wellington boots and, if neces­sary, overalls can be supplied by the training establishment.”


That was how an instruction from the Chief Constable’s Office at Force Headquarters, Corona­tion Road, Park Royal, London NW10, began on September 2, 1964.

Four policemen with their dogs were to attend on every course.

Inmans Farm, Hedon, remained the force’s dog school until the mid-1960s.

Our group picture, top, is the last official picture of the North Humberside Division of British Transport Police, comprising Hull Docks, Goole Docks and Hull Rail offices.

It was taken on March 28, 1985. The British Transport Police activity on Hull’s docks ended the next month, in line with Associ­ated British Ports’ decision to leave dockland security to private firms.

Our picture shows (front row, sitting, left to right): Insp Thomp­son,  Det Insp Hardcastle, Supt Gotts, Chief Insp Lightfoot, Insp Higgins.

Front row (standing, left to right): PC Eggleton and Tuska; PC Barwick, PC Bielby, PC Lind- strom, Sgt Vines, DC Kendall, Sgt Tunnycliffe, Det Con Ellerington, Sgt Cressey, Det Sgt Joplin, Sgt Cass, DC Rodmell, Sgt Holmes, PC Taylor, DC Thacker, ex-PC Star­ling, PC Mathers and Jet.

Back row (left to right): PC Clackstone, PC Berry, PC Suther­land, PC Yorke, PC Abbey, PC Hancock, PC Bodham, PC Green­wood, PC Palmer, PC Jarvis, PC Grinney and PC Sanderson.


PD Sandy

Our second picture shows Sandy, who in mid-March 1956 picked up the scent after a lock-up shop in Hedon Road, Hull, was broken into.

The British Transport Commis­sion’s German Shepherd led offi­cers almost a mile through streets, alleys and across bomb sites until, in Victor Street, a man was apprehended.


Published in the Hull Daily Mail – 22 August 2008

Supplied by BTPHG Member Henry Wreathall

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