John Harding

Old Bailey Proceedings Online (, version 6.0, 24 January 2012), February 1847, trial of JOHN HARDING (t18470201-558).

Dated: 1st February 1847

JOHN HARDING was indicted for stealing 2 shirts, value 3s.; 1 pair of boots, 8s.; 1 smock-frock, 1s.; 1 knife, 1s.; 1 fork, 1s.; 2 loaves of bread, 16d.; and 2lbs weight of pork, 14d.; the goods of John Carter, in a barge on a navigable canal; and that he had been previously convicted of felony.

JOHN CARTER . I am captain of a barge, and live at Bermondsey. On the 5th of Jan. my barge was lying at Curtis’s-wharf, Regent’s Canal. About eight at night the prisoner came and asked me for a night’s lodging, for leave to sleep on board. I allowed him to sleep on the locker, between the fire and the cabin, I slept in the same place. I missed him next morning, between four and five o’clock. I missed my boots, a frock, a shirt, a flannel shirt, a knife and fork, and some bread and pork.

JAMES TAYLOR . I am constable of the Regent’s Canal. On the 19th of Jan., in consequence of information, I took the prisoner into custody. I searched him, and found this pair of boots, a checked smock-frock, and a large knife and tobacco-box and key on him.

JOHN CARTER re-examined. These are my boots, they were in the cabin when the prisoner came there, and this is my frock and key.

JAMES CHRISTOPHER EVANS (Thames police-constable.) I produce a certificate of the prisoner’s former conviction. (read Convicted Jan., 1838, and transported for ten years)  I was present at the trial. He is the person.

GUILTY . Aged 30.  Transported for Seven Years.

(There was another indictment against the prisoner.)