The Last Days of British Steam

The Last Days of British Steam

Malcolm Clegg, retired BTP Sergeant, HG member and BTP History Writer, has a new book out. This time he leaves the field of the railway police and looks at the last days of steam railways in the 1960s.

From publishers description:

“This volume covers the final decade of British steam, looking at steam traction in a wide variety of geographical locations around the British Railways network. The book covers a wide variety of classes of locomotives, that were withdrawn during the last decade of steam traction, some of which examples are now preserved. Malcolm Clegg, has been taking railway pictures since the early 1960s and has access to collections taken by friends who were recording the steam railway scene during this period. This book is a record of his and other peoples journeys during the last decade of steam in the 1960s.

Malcolm Clegg is a retired British Transport Police Sergeant who served for almost thirty years both as a uniformed and CID officer at various railway and dock locations in England and Wales. Ten years were spent working in London. Malcolm comes from a railway family, his father was a station master at several locations on the national network and passed on a passion for railways to Malcolm at an early age. He currently resides in Swansea and his interests include history and photography. In recent years, Malcolm has carried out extensive research and written a number of articles for the British Transport Police History Group”.

The book is available from Amazon and various book shop websites, or directly from the publishers at Pen & Sword Books

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