Yet More Progress Stuff...

2011 moves on and so does BTPHG, albeit not quite so quickly. Where does the time go?
Our second AGM was held in April, chaired in style by Glyn Thomas, not bad for an up and coming youngster. And we have a committee meeting due in a couple of weeks.
The Group’s first Year Book was launched at the AGM and you should by now have received your copy. If not, use the Contact page to let me know.
The Police Service Record (PSR) project has also been launched and we look forward to receiving yours. Have a look at the PSR page to do it on line. In fact, have a browse around the site, there’s more new stuff on there including a new ‘Police History, Short Papers’ page with some good articles to read and there will be more to come.
Steve Beamon, who is managing the research of census returns project has turned up a huge amount of stuff.
All in all, not a bad half year!!  Have a good summer.

4 comments to Yet More Progress Stuff…

  • Robert C. Davison, Co. Down

    Have now received my copy of the Year Book and congratulations to all concerned in its production. I particulary enjoyed Kevin’s tale of John William Freeman; particularly the mention of his brief spell in Belfast during the R.I.C. strike. The Midland Railway purchased the Belfast & Northern Counties Railway in 1903 so they must have needed a ‘trouble-shooter’ over in Belfast for a couple of months! The London Midland & Scottish Railway took over the B.& N.C.R. at the time of the ‘Grouping’ of the railways in 1923 so that is probably why, on Nationalisation in 1947, we then had BTC officers in Belfast. I’m working on that and another story from much further back. This involves the Great Western Railway Police in Limerick in 1848. Inspector George Rogers (possibly on secondment to the Waterford & Limerick Railway) and his men were ordered out of town by a local ‘secret society’ who had been disrupting the railway by sabotage to the track. Great stuff!

  • Viv Head

    Great stuff indeed Rob. Very much look forward to reading more about this. Would you be able to send a Short History Paper on the story so far? (We would of course welcome a Short History Paper from any member on any topic!)

  • Glyn Thomas

    Hi, Agree, very interesting Rob. Look forward to further reading.
    On another matter, just been looking at the photo of the PC at Liverpool in the White Traffic coat, not sure if his name is known. If not, it is Len Harvey, who retired as a Detective Constable.