New Entry in the Virtual Bookshelf

Today, we have a new book on our virtual bookshelf, just a reminder that we already have quite a collection on the shelf, but we are always looking for new entries.


Operation Cabinet


by Paul Kenyon

Paul Kenyon tells the factual story of how as a young Detective, he helped mastermind a police operation that saw the demise of a group of International, Liverpudlian based Burglars, who plundered their way throughout Europe and beyond.

The investigation was codenamed Operation Cabinet.

As well as working with a number of other forces in the investigation, Paul also worked alongside his ex-British Transport Police colleagues and they are featured prominently  in the book.

An ideal read for the long dark winter evenings.

Published by Discovery Publications UK

ISBN 9781838535049

228 pages. Softback.

Price £8.45 available from Amazon

Paul is an ex BTP officer joining in Liverpool in 1971. He was on the same initial Home Office recruit courses at Bruche, Warrington and then at Tadworth with Bill Rogerson. He then left to join the newly formed Port of Liverpool Police in 1976 as a Detective Constable.

Paul has very generously agreed to donate a percentage of any profit from the sale of the book to the British Transport Police Welfare Fund and the North West Police Benevolent Fund. 

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