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One of our most popular features is the Photo Gallery. You can go to it from the link on the ‘Pages’ menu to the right of this screen.

And it’s nice to see that it can inspire some creativity, such as this tweet from the BTP Firearms Unit. Social media has been abuzz with the 10 Year Challenge of late, so they thought they would better that and have a One Hundred Year Challenge. You can our original picture in the Vehicles gallery.

You can follow the BTP Firearms Unit on Twitter at @BTPFirearmsUnit, and thanks to them for crediting us in their tweet.

And while we are on the subject of photos, BTPHG member Phil Trendall found this photo recently. It depicts a LMS police sports day.

Phil says: “This was taken from a postcard. The inscription reads ‘Police Wives on the Bottle, 1937. The wives of policemen of the LMS Railway are seen feeding their husbands from baby bottles during a novelty race at the sports meeting at Wembley’.  Things have changed a lot since 1937, not least the definition of having fun!”


Embed from Getty Images

You can see other photos of officers letting their hair down in the Sports & Social gallery.

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